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several of the songs in Quelques Femmes had lyrics by Agnes herself: 

Joanna Bruzdowicz wrote the music to several of Agnes Varda's films and although there is a cd of selections that appears to have been published my Milan it seems very hard to find, if it was actually released. Here however is an extract from one of her other works:
we used to have a music room in the central library town centre opposite the store where my mum worked I am just thinking browsing to find memories of the feelings, spending time there and then going to see my mum, sitting in her small office beneath the stairs to the second floor of boots, then going to other shops in town before returning to meet my her again to go home in the pale blue micra with balloons on the side. how utterly strange is the normality of all of those days that I didn’t evenbreath in all that there was there, in each second of love, each struggle, each sacrifice, each weight that I, unaware, added because I took so long to grow up
this music library was where I discovered japanese traditional music for the first time and gamelan and cassettes of folk song bulgarian choral music obscure synthesiser music spoken word lp’s and I remember those tense bus rides into town when someone mentioned that they were selling off some of the vinyl 10 pence, 20 pence if they weren’t so scratched and I do remembe…
this post
is about words

most important for me, Pheobe,
                       reading her found text pieces
                               such an uncomplicated 
                               adventurous creating

                               through being her father,
                               knowing her everyday I have
                               found more music in 
                               a single half uttered

                               from her
                               than anywhere else


thinking of how names, the sound of names, of words (not their meaning) echo

'Jenny, tonight the mock brine of a luna sea'

that was 1985

if I hear the name jenny, or the noun, I hear that lyric being sung (and I remember some sense of that time - and Julia. I remember we held hands, to keep connected, whilst being tussled back and forth in a small audience on that band's first tour, c…