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I was reminded today of the work 'Arc' by Daria Semegen - another in the long list of female electronic composers who whilst working for decades, and indeed in this example at the top level of academia in the US, is nowhere near as well known as the work deserves. There are no works on record, cd etc that are actively still in print as far as i'm aware - certainly no releases dedicated only to her work and the LP 'Electronic music for Dance' (1978) that featured 'Arc' fetches a considerable amount on sites such as Discogs. Two pieces by male composers from that album were sampled by Johnny Greenwood on Radiohead's 'Kid-A' album, hence why it has become collectable no doubt, however the piece by Semegen is the real revelation. 

Re-listening to Arc led me to check if anything else had been issued or written about Daria's work in recent years and unfortunately aside from a few short pieces on compilation albums in the 1980's the answer is …
buttons;I associate this word with my daughter, Pheobe. as I have mentioned in another text when she was younger she used to like to start little collections of things. one day she showed me her new one - a small handful of buttons.
‘buttons that are off’
she explained.
buttons; and what is the next lofty or insightful association I can offer ? chocolate buttons. I don’t remember when these became so important but at some point I remember my mum would get them for me when chocolate was a treat…and buttons easter eggs every year.

tender; what a word rush of memories

previously mentioned also the stretching of words, language sound of words non-narrative fogged misted
I am listening to words and when I read too not trying to analyse not even understand often but understanding something else or other

& years later I found tender buttons I don’t remember how or why but it fell between fraser mystere
Naomi Jackson - extract from Partner//Emotive (The Lumen Lake)
Lauren Sarah Hayes - flutter (self released:
NOW (Anke Königschulte, Rados Vujaklija and Louise Vind Nielsen) - Armanam (self released:
Aïsha Devi - anatomy of light (Houndstooth)
Liew Niyomkarn - You are my base (self released:
Helena Hauff - entropy created you & me (Ninja Tune)
Mia La Metta - Tight Top (self released:
Alison Knowles - Natural assemblages (extract) (New Wilderness Audiographics)
martina lussi - expectation or obsession (Latency France)
_blank - Without Object (self released:
madalyn merkey - nexus (label / self released:
tsembla - katkeytynyt maan paalle (Ikuisuus)
Katalin Ladik _– Phonopoetica (extract) (Galerija SKC)
annea lockwood - tiger balm (extract) (New Wilde…
several of the songs in Quelques Femmes had lyrics by Agnes herself: 

Joanna Bruzdowicz wrote the music to several of Agnes Varda's films and although there is a cd of selections that appears to have been published my Milan it seems very hard to find, if it was actually released. Here however is an extract from one of her other works:
we used to have a music room in the central library town centre opposite the store where my mum worked I am just thinking browsing to find memories of the feelings, spending time there and then going to see my mum, sitting in her small office beneath the stairs to the second floor of boots, then going to other shops in town before returning to meet my her again to go home in the pale blue micra with balloons on the side. how utterly strange is the normality of all of those days that I didn’t evenbreath in all that there was there, in each second of love, each struggle, each sacrifice, each weight that I, unaware, added because I took so long to grow up
this music library was where I discovered japanese traditional music for the first time and gamelan and cassettes of folk song bulgarian choral music obscure synthesiser music spoken word lp’s and I remember those tense bus rides into town when someone mentioned that they were selling off some of the vinyl 10 pence, 20 pence if they weren’t so scratched and I do remembe…