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Jenny Hval - ‘Paradise Rot’

The book, Jenny’s first novel to be translated into English, sits almost on the floor, half on the floor, half on the folded red and white fabric purchased in Brighton - from a charity shop the day after Pheobe set off back to university - our short trip south processing both listening, viewing as audience, performing. It rained a lot. There’s a lot of dampness in Paradise Rot. Damp that is an essential part of memories formed, recounted (how many years does it take to realise that the parts of a situation that are, at the time, frustrating, uncomfortable or fall outside of ones initial hopes, are intrinsic to the sensuality of recall). Dampness also on another recent trip, this time to Oslo with Pheobe where we dodged through the rain to see an installation and then to a building nearby, coats dripping on the stand near the door, we found a copy of Perlebryggeriet (the original 2009 Norwegian version of the book) on the shelves that had been…