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fluxus - actions of continuing distortion

if one reads from the various histories of the fluxus movement and its infleunces there is always mention of its truly international scope: Scandinavia, Netherlands, Japan, Britain, America etc. One can find reference to apparently highly active art scenes in cities around the world. Hints at the influence of elements of the Bauhaus movement, the Surrealists, the Existentialists, Dada and certain aspects of the Black Mountain College. However most books on the form tend to gravitate towards the US and some focus on the classes that Cage ran at the New York School for Social Research between 1957-1959 as being some kind of point at which several of the key concepts took shape, or at least a reflection of that process. let's put aside the fact that Cage was not alone in running classes involving chance, indeterminacy, instruction / graphic scores and actions at the time (in the US and elsewhere), and that the factor of being held in New Yor…