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Toru Takemitsu - static relief (extract) (shogakukan) Luboš Fišer - ‘homeless’ from ‘Valarie and her week of wonders’ (finders keepers) The Associates - ‘gloomy sunday’ Lydia Lunch - ‘spooky’ Gutavolk - musical balloon Jermain Tamraz - ‘Khaima Gerhcha, Khaima Bikhya’ Juana Molina - ‘?quien?’ Nara Leao - ‘coisas do mundo, minha nega’ (philips) dorothy ashby - ‘wax and wane’ section 25 - ‘opening’ (self released cassette) UT - Kcahsmahs (spare coconut) Maddalena Fagandini - ‘interval signal’ (bbc radiophonic workshop) Iva Bittova - ‘proudem mleka - river of milk’ Hamlet Gonashvili - ‘imeruli nana’ Vyacheslav Artyomov - ‘morning meditation’ Oscilation Circuit - ‘circling air’
afternoon recording two new pieces with Pheobe riley Law

. for tape, snare drum & reeds
. for tuning fork, snare drum & reeds

a curtain you open (two part mix part two)  -  following sonic dots

(re-uploaded due to track mix-up, plays counter back to zero !)
Jenny Berger Myhre - Nar det renner over(the lumen lake / canigou records) Craig Kupka - Clouds (extract) (folkways) mkwaju ensemble - hot air (better days / denon) Cian Ethrie - volatiles w_ aspertame # 37 (lucky kitchen) Heslington Primary School - autumn(trunk records) Taku Sugimoto & Minami Saeki - V (slub) Julia Holter - bows in afternoon (extract) (engraved glass) Insides - darling effect (4ad) Delia Derbyshire - liquid energy (glo-spot) stereolab - space moment (duophonic) Skrap - dunst opening (va fongool) Toru Takemitsu - time within memory or clouds at sunset (soundtrack - extract) (shogakukan) Patty Waters - why is love such a funny thing (esp) Hamilton Yarns - open your arms (hark!) gate way (Jaqueline Thibault) - evening colours (cam) Alice Coltrane - Jai Rama Chandra (avatar book institute) Cocteau Twins - cherry coloured funk (remix) (fontana) Pheobe rile…
two part mix part one - do take a listen. I guarantee you'll hear something you like

inc. Else Marie Pade / Wauwatosa / lucretia dalt / annie anxiety / camila fuchs / nomadic female dj troupe / colleen / hilde marie holsen / syuuka / skrap / building instrument / BOA / Geinoh Yamashirogumi

it's following connections, real or imagined, researched or stumbled upon, form one piece of music to another - perhaps exploring the output of a label or a name mentioned in an interview or article. sometimes (learned from the days when cover design began to express more than ego) something in the design leads to listening. and tracing aspects in new music that trigger thoughts about music discovered years ago.

my introduction to the films of Toshio Matsumoto came via Toru Takemitsu, who composed the music for 'Ki' (extract below). As a director he is perhaps best known outside of Japan for 'Bara No Soretsu' (Funeral Parade of Roses) but his work as a video artist is less well known now. Here's a small selection - i'm sure it's possible to get his work on DVD in Japan but elsewhere it's only his movies that are anywhere near widely available, hence the youtube links:

it's been a while since I attempted to write anything about music / sound to share publicly - I work in areas of the arts where to write about the work is often given more easy status than the work itself - an odd pattern of conservatism, reduction and strangely 'establishment' rather than explorative - in construction if not content.

one thought is a constant with me on this subject: for all of the interesting and not so interesting books on sound and music - and there are lots of both - none of them ever come close to summing up in words what makes music what it is, what differentiates it from the written or spoken word.

so, why try ?

more properly - I won't try, erase, failure

celebrate instead the private and shared joy of listening

it's important to re-set from time to time. to keep hold of experience and insight but to keep fresh, keep that elemental sense of exploration & simple enjoyment. A while ago now I came across the photographic work of Jenny Berger Myhre. I saved the link to her website on my ever-expanding list of 'to be looked at further' links. Then somehow I was reminded of her name through listening to Jenny Hval's most recent full LP 'Blood Bitch'. So, I took a look & found that i'd missed that Jenny BM had recently released an album, on cassette & download; 'Lint'. purchased, I downloaded the digital files & listened in. A few days later the physical version arrived &, if it were needed, I was as always reminded of how the presence of something tangible, touchable can effect ones connection to the music it contains. The digital files are on my mobile player - fine, but the cassette version is a standalone piece of artwork & sonically the …