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(nb. important to note that some of these video clips are from youtube and I encourage any reader of this post, and indeed this blog, to seek out all official links to purchase any works featured or for visiting websites of those involved)

writing currently about the voices (sing) that have been significant for me over the years - more than liked, something ecstatic, accompaniments to the sense of life - the highs the lows the in between. grow. will share more of these mini-essays (ramble) soon

Jenny Hval has been one for a few years now - much more to say why and I struggle to find the language

but, was listening again to rockettothesky's 1st album 'to sing you apple trees' this week,  and the song 'Barrie for Billy MacKenzie' - connection between two of said voices - led to BOA ensemble (with Jenny), Skrag (via Jenny) round back to Billy, obscured (memories of seeing The Associates live, first on at my first proper concert on the SaTB Join Hands tour, a one-off w…