here in the UK the BBC is screening a series on minimalism - and of course in the first programme only one female composer was mentioned - Pauline Oliveros - so here are just a few who contributed massively to the formation of new musical languages inc. minimalism and electronic music + a couple of links to works by male composers that significantly pre-date the 'invention' of minimalist music according to the BBC programme. It is of course only a small selection - there is much, much more to explore:

(nb. Scott also composed a piece for silent radio band in the 1930's, the live performance of which stunned listeners and the studio technicians alike, causing equipment malfunction panic as the band were instructed to perform as if playing from behind the glass screen to isolate them from the other participants in the programme. As far as I have been able to find out it was not performed again but the piece was known to Cage before he composed 4:33)


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