this weekend in Hull, East Yorkshire there has been, at long last, a celebration of Basil Kirchin - who lived in the city. His story is both fascinating & complex (someone really needs to write a book !). As well as his influence and work with jazz, library music and soundtracks, in my opinion, Kirchin is a shockingly overlooked link in the development of sound art here in the UK, through his work with found sound. So, here are some links for where you can find some of his music - lots is still unavailable / unreleased, but for now....

starting with his days with his father's big band:

double cd available here:

and also available as a 50p download from Trunk records here:

rare single from Basil and the Bandits (from a soundtrack) - 50p download:

download for 50p of Kirchin's cult soundtrack:

London in the raw - another cult classic to download for 50p:

described by Eno as part of Kirchin's work that influenced his exploration of ambient music, Quantum is a must - again, 50p !

two mini-albums full of examples of Kirchin's mind running at full steam - again 50p to download

finished the dat before Kirchin passed away and including 'e & me' - his tribute to his wife, this is another must have for 50p (the guilt of paying only 50p for music this good and this important costs a but more though)

1979 oddity of post punk funk (50p download)

various artists compilation for £3.99 and including 'I start counting' - a classic Kirchin song, sung by the session drummers daughter

then there are various library music lp's that are out of print, hard to find and usually pricey - one can hear them on youtube and, if one wants, various blogs might have a cheeky download or two:

and then there's the two 'worlds within worlds' albums - long out of print and ultra rare:

+ in the realms of the net you can dig around and find some rarer extracts of the various soundtracks he composed music for - enjoy the search !


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