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the floors at a paper factory & a wall at The Hepworth
little parcels
Pheobe riley Law  (2017)

so amazing to watch Pheobe's work develop.
transferring some minidiscs and listening to recordings of me and owl (g, who left some years ago now). I'm sharing this here because this has brought a smile to my face during a complicated time;
this one is hysterical at this point. A real ‘Father Ted’ moment; owl: ‘look at those wing mirrors. They’re tiny. It’s incredible’ me: (laughing) ‘The aren’t, they’re just far away’

not sure what the heck is going on on this recording ! something about a balloon, scissors and….ah, its an attempt to do the voice thing with helium. me: ‘it could be poisonous’ owl: ‘it’s alright, it’s a romeo & juliet thing’
this weekend in Hull, East Yorkshire there has been, at long last, a celebration of Basil Kirchin - who lived in the city. His story is both fascinating & complex (someone really needs to write a book !). As well as his influence and work with jazz, library music and soundtracks, in my opinion, Kirchin is a shockingly overlooked link in the development of sound art here in the UK, through his work with found sound. So, here are some links for where you can find some of his music - lots is still unavailable / unreleased, but for now....
starting with his days with his father's big band:

double cd available here:

and also available as a 50p download from Trunk records here:

rare single from Basil and the Bandits (from a soundtrack) - 50p download:

download for 50p of Kirchin's cult soundtr…