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Mary Ellen Solt

to see you                                                 
I know again I won’t know   where
  to begin

Eva Hesse continues to bring pleasure


as readers of this blog know it started as a way to document some of the everyday joys my daughter, Pheobe, and I discovered. Its fair to say that there have been periods of regular posts and times when the pace of life meant gaps between posts were stretched out.

the thing is, i'm just back from helping Pheobe move to University

I think surreal is the word I would currently use for how, no matter how lengthy and involved preparations for and thoughts about this shift in our lives, this all feels. Daily routines still exist in ones mind of course, roads to running practice or back and forth between my home and Pheobe's mothers house seem to look different despite their familiarity, the atmosphere in each room at home seems stuck somehow - waiting for all of its essential elements.

I am immensely proud of Pheobe and I share in her excitement for the course (fine art) and can only imagine all the adventures she will have meeting new friends and settling in. I look forwa…
this evening I made time to look properly at the 'Eames - beautiful details' book. Both it and the 6 dvd box set of their films are recommended....

the book also reminded me of Ray Eames career as a fine artist (though I tend to view all of her & indeed Charles' work as 'art' full stop anyway)

the bauhaus ballet

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