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a few things listened to so far this week....

Kiju Yoshida - 'Arashi Ga Oka / Wuthering heights' (1988)

further news from some of the folks I met when I was guest lecturer at Newcastle Uni Fine Art Dept:
Ditte Goard, Charlotte Valletta, Sarah Grundy and Jayne Dent have continued to work together in their Anima Collective & now have a facebook page & website:

there's something in their enthusiasm and the spirit in which the group was formed that hints at this group being worth keeping an eye / ear on
Jayne Dent has also edited and curated a forthcoming book of visual scores entitled 'Underscore' - due for publication in November 2015 and featuring scores by Eleanor Wright, Tracey Tofield, Katy Bentham, Cathy Garner, Sarah Grundy, Dennis Isou, Noize Choir, Josh Wilson, Martin Eccles, Tim Shaw, Jayne Dent, Petra Szeman, Anima Collective, Deana Smith and myself
plans also include a book launch / performance event on November 18th in Newcastle
if you're interested in getting a copy …
Pheobe riley Law - from 'dial' (2015)

spent a good afternoon with pheobe who was working on an essay - based around Malevich's 'black square on a white ground' - how its deterioration has created a new work, perhaps more pleasing....and looking at other works that link in some way....of course, this reminded me of how pheobe had been working with limited materials in her dial photographs

(1915) Robert Fludd (1617) Tantric painting (date unknown)
page 37 from Tristram Shandy (1759)