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publishing imprint

as previously announced in early 2014 we (myself and my daughter) are expanding into the world of book / zine publishing. 
‘I do not want to publish coffee-table books. I don’t drink coffee for one thing, although I do like tables’
there is a fine line between presenting work with a degree of stillness and space for the viewer / listener and allowing ones hand to rest rather heavily on the work.
our new press imprint will issue small photo-books, zine style. they’re meant to sit subtly into ones hands.

the first publications will feature new and archive material by Jez riley French and Pheobe riley Law

jez riley french  |  dissolves
limited edition ty cd + photo book + download code (100 copies)

price + postageUK £8.00 GBPrest of europe £10.00 GBPrest of world £11.00 GBP the eagerly awaited document of the first series of mineral explorations, capturing the sounds of shale, iron ore, limestone, dolomite and snail shells in flux.

(download code for full album + 48 minu…
east riding music club - volume # 2

featuring: mary rice, virginia astley, veronique chalot, helene martin & mireille rivat, situations sonores ’76, regular music, dorothy ashby, dominique lawarlee, alexander zhikharev, patrick juvet, wendy & bonnie, gerson kingsley, les hurdle & frank ricotti, nara leao, brigitte jardin & claude marbehant, b.j. ward, basil kirchin
click here to listen / download (artwork pdf is in the dropbox folder as a separate file)
annika strom

marianna simnett

lucy clout

vlada predelina

andre dos santos

sat with my daughter beside me - me providing the sounds (teleferica, dolomite dissolves, geothermal valley, ultrasonics, salt & polenta, zither) and Pheobe screening some of her films (moments, model village, travels, gallerie) - immensely proud of Pheobe !

at the Other Worlds Festival, Blackpool

(photos by Lisa & Steve - thanks !)