Newcastle visit - further....

i'm still happily exploring the websites, blogs and other online corners featuring work by some of the artists I met during my visit to Newcastle Uni Fine Art department - and all the further links that they lead to.

My own work in recent years has, in part, focused on how much of what we perceive is the subject itself and how much is from ourselves and I find myself asking how the specific atmosphere of such an intensely populated space as university artist studios can be affects what is produced there. The line between each artists personality, formed prior to arriving and evident in their earlier work, and the changes the situation begins to create is perhaps also the space where we, as viewers, could most easily question the placing of our own thoughts onto the work - and therefore remind ourselves to let that go and instead accept more of the playfulness and energy. It is easy to become set; without noticing we encase ourselves in our scars, strengths (perceived by ourselves or as we believe others see us) and our pleasures and we tell ourselves we are open. In so doing we recognise that it has become a decision rather than a simple fact to be unavoidable and seamless with our own explorations.

my daughter is preparing her portfolio for Uni interviews and watching her recognise in herself the finding of new ways of working, or looking back at her earlier work and asking herself if she can see its importance even as it seems momentarily distant, is humbling - and joyous.  

having access to oneself, creatively, is something we all probably take for granted when we have it most - but it is probably essential that it is that way - subconscious rather than always overtly guiding what we do.


Helen Shaddock

from Brimming

Helen's website can be found here

Charlotte Cook

Charlotte's tumblr blog can be found here

Holly Argent

Holly's website can be found here

Deanna Smith

Deanna's tumblr art journal can be found here

Martin Eccles


Helen Shaddock said…
Thanks for the mention Jez. I'll blog about you too! Please keep me updated with what you are up to - I enjoyed hearing about your work at the visiting artist talk, and would like to hear more! Best wishes, Helen
thanks Helen. my main website is - that's where what i'm up to usually gets a mention. ta.

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