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yesterday was a very good day indeed

I made shallot puree, parsnip puree, roast vegetables and plum chutney to accompany duck for me & Pheobe's tea

we watched the fantastic Czech film 'Daisies' (if you haven't seen it - do !)

then we listened to music while Pheobe sewed a landscape

south cave - I take an xmas ribbon to my mum's stone....

then a walk to the old quarry - to listen to the frozen pond and view frosted stems....

met Pheobe from her xmas job & we came back to eat sausage & pasta bake whilst watching 'The Shop Around The Corner' dvd - a good film indeed....

to sheffield for a uni open day with Pheobe
after the talks and tours we spend some time walking between the various galleries - taking photographs, talking about how we think and our usual abstract in-jokes

en-route through norfolk, mid-afternoon sun illuminating the woods

foxley wood, norfolk - late  I was there with a group of field recordists during one of the regular workshops I co-lead, but, as is increasingly often the case, I spent the time just listening and taking occasional photographs - the act of sound 'recording' isn't fixed for me as an act that always involves a file that one takes elsewhere

goole isn't exactly a place that I have visited that much even though its perhaps 20 or so miles from where I live - though driving through it recently I did find some places of interest, as there are everywhere of course

a quiet position - dordolla from Jez riley French on Vimeo.
dordolla, val d'aupa, italy recordings:
river foot bridge - with JrF c-series contact microphones
teleferica, val d'aupa - with JrF c-series contact microphones
dolomite dissolve - with JrF d-series hydrophones the audio is an extract from a performance given during my residency in the village
the video was filmed in the moments before the performance, sat watching the mountain above the village
house window, west yorkshire

passing the time walking in the grounds of a large house I forget where exactly though that seems somehow important in itself
proud dad moment ! Pheobe's website is ready - do take a look !