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. 'June annual 1965' - I bought this annual for the year it was issued & because it had, as you will see, some interesting articles and illustrations - hehe - how different from the girls magazines today.

. 'The illuminated language of flowers' by Kate Greenaway and Jean Marsh - I can't say i'm a fan of Kate's illustrations but this 50p book has lots of fascinating facts about what words, phrases and emotions different flowers have been used to symbolise over the years and in different cultures....for example:

Indian Jasmine = attachment turnip flower = charity (!) fern = fascination sweetbriar = poetry

. 'Garden birds' by Phyllis Barclay-Smith - the cover of this small book was worth the £2 alone ! and the illustrations are, as you can see, equally good....

. 'Flower arrangement' by Betty Massingham - flower arranging books from yesteryear are always good for some nice pictures and for £1 this book was a bargain !

. 'Any one can bake…