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photo by pheobe

to beverley westwood for the fireworks with pheobe - walking across the westwood in the dark - taking photos - roast hog bap - the warmth of the bonfire - bitter toffee apple - saying to each other not to panic about falling down a steep bit....just as we almost fell down a steep bit - brandy snap in the car....
. 'June annual 1965' - I bought this annual for the year it was issued & because it had, as you will see, some interesting articles and illustrations - hehe - how different from the girls magazines today.

. 'The illuminated language of flowers' by Kate Greenaway and Jean Marsh - I can't say i'm a fan of Kate's illustrations but this 50p book has lots of fascinating facts about what words, phrases and emotions different flowers have been used to symbolise over the years and in different cultures....for example:

Indian Jasmine = attachment turnip flower = charity (!) fern = fascination sweetbriar = poetry

. 'Garden birds' by Phyllis Barclay-Smith - the cover of this small book was worth the £2 alone ! and the illustrations are, as you can see, equally good....

. 'Flower arrangement' by Betty Massingham - flower arranging books from yesteryear are always good for some nice pictures and for £1 this book was a bargain !

. 'Any one can bake…
so, on monday me and pheobe returned from our trip to Italy - I was giving a workshop in Sardinia and then we went to the arts festival in Topolo, where we were giving a performance based on recordings and photographs made in & around the village.

I cannot put into words how proud I am of pheobe and how it felt to sit in the performance space with her beside me, with an audience taking in the work. Such an amazing time we both had and we thank the organisers and audience for making our time there so good.

today, with the evening on its way to us, me and pheobe went to the small churchyard to visit my mum's memorial stone. we cleaned it, washed it, cut the grass around it and placed several freesia's - my mum and my favourite flower.

we sat on the grass.

pheobe was there, pheobe is here and I am so blessed to know her.

I cooked risotto with chicken in marsala for our tea and we watched one of my mum's favourite films, il postino. I see the love in the film and wonder.

food, poetry, memory, life

and the music of it all....

thanks mum,
a lovely day indeed - with Pheobe at the humberside schools athletics championship, where she came first in the 800m, then back home where I sorted out tea while she revised for the science exam on Monday - chinese food, then out in the car to do some maths revision together by the river while listening to Virginia Astley....on the way back, Pheobe says 'sometimes when i'm listening to music I wonder if i'm listening to it properly, what it means and what I really think about it'....amazing....
today Pheobe won her race & is the County champion ! proud dad indeed....
had a lovely birthday with Pheobe - talking, drawing, eating, watching a play (Jane Eyre), talking more + cake & brownies made by Pheobe !

photo by Pheobe

pheobe drawing in the car
finding that twiddling ones thumbs, faster & faster, sat on the settee with Pheobe is a simply, wonderfully, funny thing to do....
I love this....a small sketch of a japanese box by Pheobe....
watching Pheobe running, whilst listening to the sound of stars via a VLF receiver....
at the cyanotype workshop with pheobe
with Pheobe at Leeds Art Gallery
'One green field' by Edward Thomas from the 'english journeys' series - pocket sized slimline books capturing aspects of country life, living, tradition & this really nice little book we have some of Thomas's most lyrical & evocative prose pieces, such as: an old wood, meadowland, the brook & the walnut tree....the covers for this series all feature fine illustrations too !

'Home decoration' by H. Dalton Clifford (bought for a friend - not that she needs any tips but I know she'll like the illustrations - from a small bookshop in Beverley, East Yorkshire)....the third from top photo shows a strange printed symbol that was just placed for no apparent reason over the text at the bottom of page 55 ! a misprint perhaps ? well, whatever the reason it's a small treasure to be found in there....