day two in tokyo - eating tempura soba soup, grilled corn crisps, edemame & funny soft sweet snacks....explored the second hand bookshop area - bought a few bargains....

according to most people in the travel industry, japan is one of the most expensive countries in the world & tokyo the most expensive city. all i can say is that that appears to be totally untrue. it will actually cost you more to stay in grimsby in the cheapest b&b, eating the cheapest poor quality food & taking the bus. in fact i don't know anywhere in the uk for example that anywhere close to the amazing prices & quality here.

i'm staying in a hotel that is regarded as 2 star in japan & it's better than most 3 & 4 star ones in europe. anyway, here are a few comparisons:

tube ticket for a single journey across 2 zones: London £6 upwards I think / tokyo 160yen (just over £1) + the underground here is clean, efficient & friendly.

hotel room: taking a cheap UK chain (traveloadge) - lowest price £19 / tokyo hotel horidome 3400yen (approx £26) - but: what you get - uk: a room with a tv / tokyo: a room with a tv, a fridge, free toothbrush & toothpaste, shampoo, body wash, yukata (robe), box of tissues, hairdryer, umbrella if it's raining, a bath & a shower that works !

a light meal: uk - lets say a dinner of a salad or such: probably around £5-6 at least - or a 'deal' where you get a sandwich, a drink & a snack - £2-£5 / tokyo: a bowl of excellent quality soba noodles with tempura (which will fill you up !) 500yen or less (approx £3.50)

basically what i'm saying is....come to japan ! it's amazing - trains cost more than in europe but they're on time, clean & safe - it's a total bargain to come to this country & be stunned by the sights, the tastes & the way of life here.


Nick Gall said…
Does sound very tempting Jez; even just from the foodie aspect. However, current precarious financial status precludes such.

However, your blog leaves a tempting and evocative image in my mind. Glad it was such a positive experience for you.
well, of course it depends on how the financial status is but one thing i'll say is that it is far cheaper to visit japan than it is to visit most countries in europe (after the air fare bit at least).

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