I've been having some really vivid dreams recently. I had one last night that has left a warm feeling, all be it tempered by some sense of things past. In the dream I was at some kind of event & was having a friendly chat with a friend (male) & one of their friends (female). Later I found that a greetings card I had with me had some small writing in one corner. I forget now what it said but it was nice & had been written by the female. The crux of this dream was in the understanding of those words - it was somehow communicated that the person who had written them was honest, caring, gentle & her feelings for me were deep & life enhancing for both herself & me.

I woke with a feeling as if it had actually happened & it conjured up feelings of opening landscapes ahead that come with love.

I have a wonderful life in so many different ways. I confess though that I would like to feel those feelings again. To hold someone close, in thought & deed. For it to be simple, calm & alive.


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