. last night me & Pheobe made (& ate !) crepes using the crepe pan Pheobe gave me a couple of christmases ago & the special crepe batter spreader bought in France....Pheobe showed me the pictures she'd taken on her school trip the other day to London & then this morning I took Pheobe ice skating....

. another poem from the JrF library shelves :.)

The heron walks in the marsh,
Its legs like a pair of compasses.
The cold, like a greenish shadow,
Lies upon the forest.
The air, dense and grey,
Itself lies down under its wing.
Above is the twilit sky,
Below, a network of plants.
Who is playing there with the wind ?
Who, altering his voice,
Has called from the forest,
But has not ventured forth ?
A ray of forgotten light
Gingerly tests the water.
Now our endless evening
Has gone off on its circular course.
Beasts, people and birds,
And voices, and specks of light -
We pass through all like ripples,
And each one disappears.
Which of us will recur ?
Who will flow into whom ?
What do we need in this world
To quench our thirst ?

- Irina Ratushinskaya


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