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. a sunday morning drive to south & north cave.... you can see some of the books I found at the sunday market on the leaf explorers blogspot later the side of the road in south cave, on the way to mum's special stone, was a mirror - one of those ones for seeing what's coming on a blind junction - its surface painted with the dew....
. last night me & Pheobe made (& ate !) crepes using the crepe pan Pheobe gave me a couple of christmases ago & the special crepe batter spreader bought in France....Pheobe showed me the pictures she'd taken on her school trip the other day to London & then this morning I took Pheobe ice skating....
. another poem from the JrF library shelves :.)
The heron walks in the marsh, Its legs like a pair of compasses. The cold, like a greenish shadow, Lies upon the forest. The air, dense and grey, Itself lies down under its wing. Above is the twilit sky, Below, a network of plants. Who is playing there with the wind ? Who, altering his voice, Has called from the forest, But has not ventured forth ? A ray of forgotten light Gingerly tests the water. Now our endless evening Has gone off on its circular course. Beasts, people and birds, And voices, and specks of light - We pass through all like ripples, And each one disappears. Which of us will recur ? Who will flow into whom ? What do we need in th…
. outside there is moisture in the air and the light has become somehow monochrome, smells of a beginning....there are many birds calling to each other in the trees opposite my home....
. some days I will pick a poetry book from my shelves and share something that I find amongst the pages:
from imagist poetry (penguin books):
What is eternal of you I saw in both your eyes.
You were among the apple branches; the sun shone, and it was November.
Sun and apples and laughter and love we gathered, you and I.
And the birds were singing.
- F. S. Flint

. yesterday me & Pheobe headed to the coast....little did I know that we would both spend some time in those inflatable hamster ball-like floating things....Pheobe managed well but me ? well, I did try to stand up a couple of times ! otherwise I mainly fell over, attempted to roll around & make the bubble move where I wanted it or just lay there waiting for Pheobe to bump into me....later we went to a pizzaria for tea & then home to watch a film or two....the two other photographs here are of some pieces of Hornsea pottery on display at the same place as the water bubbles....
. if you can find it the box set of films by Ray & Charles Eames is a corker !
. lovely to get some photos of my friend Alice's daughter Mabel's drawings & paintings. I'm planning an issue of tristesse engraved devoted to the fine (as in great) art created by those little folks who have yet to be told what art is by bigger folks who usually are too far into their own ego to see how far away from the simple joy of creativity they really are.... :.) apparently the colourful house picture was done just for me - i'm honoured....thanks Mabel !
. most importantly, me & Pheobe will be having toad in the hole for tea - have pre-cooked the sausages & made the Yorkshire pudding batter - now onto the gravy....

. todays post arrivals include this latest bbc archive recording disc of Jacqueline Du Pre - apart from the great live version of the Elgar cello concerto, it is fantastic to hear here playing the Rubbra sonata (with her mother Iris at the piano) & Rainer's often overlooked cello concerto too. Personally I doubt that the cello will ever have such a player to bring it to full-flowing, over-flowing life again.

. books arrived to on the work of two czech artists: the photographer Jaroslav Rossler & Karel Teige - what a pleasure to listen to Du Pre & look through these books at the same time !
. Pheobe made a pasta sauce at school today, with pepperoni, peppers, tomatoes, garlic, basil & a banana shallot - we ate it for tea - very nice indeed it was too....
. earlier in the day I called in at a secondhand shop & found a few nice books for just pence - i'll post info on them on the leaf explorers blog tomorrow (visit by clicking here)
photograph found in an antique shop in bridlington old town - 60pence worth of wondering about the story of this small house....

I bought a small photographers envelope containing a very old picture of a baby & inside was this small easter card, complete with egg....
Jez riley French . between gestures . glasgow
live and field recordings
one . between kinetics (live sections from performance at sharmanka)two . spaces between others (between scores, concert room at wandelweiser event)three . between window and table (live sections from performance at 12 / 2)four . between still morning and a long picnic (recording of room at 12 / 2)five . between agedashi tofu, udon and central (recordings in restaurant and station)
Jez riley French - field recordings, zither, salt, glass lenses, lx-1 camera, paper, contact microphones, table, fingers, shells
p&c 2011
engraved glass eg-sr02
42.25 mins
free download (loseless wav audio file + pdf)
engraved glass / compost & height
to visit the download page click the link below
. received two nice parcels in the post this morning: one from SeEun Lee, an artist living in Prague - the contents of that parcel are in the picture. I do like things made from paper & the bronze coloured, house shaped box contains a flip book she made....parcel two was two double cd's of piano music, kindly sent to me by Antoine at Wandelweiser....& now I shall get to work on parcels to send to them....
. moved the small pine coffee table that was upstairs in my bedroom into the living room so that Pheobe could use it to do here homework on & so that we could sit around it on cushions eating our first tea using the Tagine that Pheobe gave me for christmas....we had a beef meatball tagine with a spicy tomato sauce, red & green pepper salsa-type side dish & garlic infused bread....rather nice it was too !
. we were talking about photography too & the top photo here is one Pheobe took after arranging her running shoe studs on the's a photo that Pheobe is really happy with & I think there's something rather beautiful about it too !