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. picked Pheobe up from her sunday morning running club. On the way home we saw two small children carrying their prized balloons on reminded me of the balloons I painted on Pheobe's bedroom wall when she was a baby & how excited she was to have a balloon when she was little....they must seem magical, floating in the air....Pheobe worked on her textiles project & I cooked, worked & helped....
. yesterday was another evening of taking photo's with Pheobe - this time on the way to her running club....we also had risotto for tea for the first time in quite awhile.
photo's 1 & 2 taken my me photo's 3 & 4 taken by Pheobe
. an evening with Pheobe taking photographs, eating tea & watching an old film....
1) Pheobe's hair (taken by me) 2) living room lights (taken by Pheobe) 3) journey lights (taken by Pheobe) 4) living room lights (taken by me)
'still points' by Sabrina Verdely (assisted by JrF)
sound walk - free download of audio file & pdf
london, 21st - 23rd January

I don’t travel to london that often.
I went this time to attend the last two nights of the ‘balloon & needle’ collectives residency at Cafe Oto, Dalston.
first day; arrived at kings cross - went to the taschen bookshop (sale !) and managed to come away having only bought two books and a diary.
‘The complete published works of Karl Blossfelt’'20’s decorative art’Hiroshige - famous views of edo’ 2011 diary
visited the saatchi gallery. on the top floor of the gallery I discovered a wall full of small paintings - more of which in a future post (basically when I ring the gallery to get the artists name because the one I wrote down on a piece of paper must have been for the work on the other wall !)these still life paintings of broken china plates, cups, vases, stood out for their simplicity, their stillness and the space they allowed one to observe them in this particular room.
I walked to Victoria station to buy some seaweed onigiri (japanese rice balls) f…
. listening to 'fuzzy felt folk' - a collection of cheerful music & song from childrens tv & film, Pheobe decided one particular tune sounded like it was written to accompany a snail wandering around, looking behind every now & then to see if anyone was there....played that track again so Pheobe could demonstrate - fantastic....then she discovered that wobbling her laptop on her knee made a sound like sawing wood....

. picking Pheobe up from school a bit later....wonder what smiles will arrive....
. the 'free cinema' box set keeps revealing does the great BFI dvd 'secrets of nature'

. tonight me & Pheobe had chinese food for tea & then as Pheobe did her homework we listened to Arvo Part....Pheobe remembered listening to the piece when she was younger & buying the rubber she used on her textile designs from the local post office years ago....then we listened to part of a new cd by the composer Antoine Beuger where the only sound are Antoine whistling quietly....Pheobe duetted every now & then we were getting ready to go outside I found that my jumper made a funny noise when I pulled it forward & it brushed against my shirt....we both found this very funny....

. just spoken to Pheobe on the phone & she tells me she made a meat pie in we've made a plan that we'll make one together....Pheobe will make the pastry & we'll both make the filling together....a beautiful moment in the day....the photo by the way is Pheobe making a pizza during a holiday in north yorkshire last summer
. today me & Pheobe sat in the car at the foreshore eating our lunch....watching a tea bag tag being blown around by the wind whilst still attached to a tea bag someone had thrown away....watching the seagulls gliding on the wind & trying t0 wobble the car by wriggling in our seats....
. watched this with Pheobe - great stuff - from the BFI dvd 'secrets of nature'
. something to do on a long train journey when it's too dark to see the scenery !
. glasgow: arrived on thursday to give a performance at sharmanka surrounded by kinetic sculptures - the day after another performance at Lucy & Kenny's - both very pleasant experiences indeed....then yesterday I attended most of a 7 hour concert of music by wandelweiser composers - small events amidst the room & it has to be said that for me at least the room itself is crucial to the success of a concert such as this as listening to ones surroundings plays an integral ? japanese food for sure !
. several weeks ago I got this small wooly hat on the top of a drink I bought - it was a charity thing - tonight Pheobe found a good place for it !
. one must always remember to know the treasure one finds & to keep seeing at as such....if it fades it was just sparkle....

cambridge & scarborough
issue five is now available for free viewing online or download by clickinghere
featuring photographs, posters & words by Patrick Farmer, Embla Quickbeam, Cinder Flame (cindytalk), Laura Naukkarinen (Lau Nau), Vanessa Rossetto, Ashley Payne, Ishbel Murray, Julian Thomas, Labbe Aela, Ruzena Nejezchlebova, Marcin Biesek, Yol + an article on ali_fib concert posters.
a new year:
2011 by the gregorian calendar
tevet 25, 5771 in the Jewish calendar
1432 in the islamic calendar
5112 in the hindu calendar (I think)
2554 in the thai calendar
heisei 23 in the japanese calendar