. Pheobe was doing a lot of cutting out for her homework tonight....in the process she made me a paper wrist band that said 'smile Dad love Pheobe' on it....she also asked if I liked the sound of scissors cutting & we both agreed it was a nice sound....she went on to invent a method of re-creating the sound of a motorbike & on a golf ball being struck & landing, all with a glue stick top, a pair of scissors & the carpet....lovely....

. Mathieu Ruhlmann says: 'My son Cohen's drawing of different birds (from left to right: crane,robin, peacock, stork, partridge). They put a smile on my face'


Valerie said…
From Cohen's Grandma Valerie:

Cohen definitely has artistic talent that seems to run in the family. They are beautiful birds, Cohen!

Grandma Valerie and Grandpa Don love you and Sebastien very much!!!

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