. tonight was Pheobe's birthday meal....an italian restaurant first, cake & then on to the theatre (where I am writing this)....we scattered glitter shapes on the table & then we all made small animals out of the star shaped ones....Pheobe & me also made badges for everyone....

. Alice Beasley says: Mabel just said
"there's JEZ! I just saw Jez...
Why is Jez there, on the computer, why is he sitting down there.....?"
"you shouldn't sit down on the pavement, or on the floor, should you ? he might get dust on him or something.
Is he having a rest mum ? Is that on Park Avenue or is it in town?"
"I don't even know what he's doing mummy, mummy what is he doing?"...
"did Pheobs take the photo like I take photos of you?"

I say thank you Mabel - made me smile a very big smile indeed :. )


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