. Pheobe made an animation of drawing the word smile by taking photographs at each stage....also we put jelly beans in our lemonade & waited for them to add their flavour....

. I've been listening to quite a bit of Georgian (former USSR) choral folk song recently & also reading the poetry of Gennady Aygi (born in the Chuvash region)....words are simple things, it is the meaning behind them that is often over complicated....

about you I speak
to surburban stars of transparent winter: 'oh how
can such quietness be?...' -
it surrounds me - perhaps - like silence of field with glimmer

(from 'you my quietness' by Gennady Aygi)

. Isolde Davey says: 'Redinka says the position you fall asleep in influences your dreams. I wonder if there's any research to back up her theory. Her full hypothesis is that you enter dream-world in the position you fall asleep, ie if you fall asleep curled into a ball, you start dreaming as a ball & this would impact what you dream about. '


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