. after being stuck in Prague for several days due to the flight cancellations after the volcano in Iceland, I finally managed to get a coach seat back to the Uk & a train from London to East Yorkshire....22 hour journey in total....now, I have to admit I was rather worried about being able to remain sane / comfortable on such a long coach journey, but thoughts of seeing Pheobe soon kept me going....also I had the good fortune to meet a lovely, interesting woman from Prague too....she is studying skin cancer cells in London & it was a pleaure to chat with her at each of the stops we made along the way....we found out we can both drink a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice in super quick time when needed !....in the hope that she reads this then I say do get in touch my red coated coach trip friend....It would be nice to carry on our conversations & I can send you as much information as you want about the sheep herds of yorkshire :. )

. my friend Anastasia from Russia sent me a link to this animation - in slavic languages jez means hedgehog :) click here to watch it....


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