. top image is of a ladybird drawn by Pheobe & the second one is the early morning sun over the river Humber here in east yorkshire....

. as i've mentioned before I find simple words enough sometimes to inspire a feeling of wonder at the life we as a race have constructed....whilst looking through my new friend Anya Likalter's facebook pals (having spotted one with a nice name on her main page) I found these & seperated from thier actual purpose saying them to oneself reminds one of the poetic nature of language....

elizaveth may

. Alice Beasley: Tried to fathom the extension lead. I'm sure it's a wirey disaster waiting to happen, anyway - failed at the first attempt at mowing the lawn - total non starter. So - am going to sit in the sunshine on the long grass with Mabel instead :) (photo of Mabels feet by Alice) there are SO many ladybirds (jez: or 'cushycowladies' as they are called here in Yorkshire !)
. Gayle Brogan: First 2 Atlas squares done for breeding season - beautiful weather, willow warblers, a house martin, jays, a brown hare and the first butterflies of the year

. photo above by Allie croker


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