. the books that me & Pheobe started making the other day have been such fun to do. Pheobe finished one of hers today, called 'my family'....also, in the early hours of this morning I finished (or at least completed this one part) my version of something that me & Pheobe started doing the other day....taking an A3 sheet & filling it with small drawings....a few different ones, repeated....it's fun :. ) now I need to decide whether to add colour or not !

. I had to go to the doctors today in small town close to my home & decided to wander around the charity shops hunting for nice old books afterwards....didn't find any but I did find a printers shop that was selling packs of 6 'strathmore' note books for £1 !....i'm a simple chap in many ways & this find made me smile....i'm a bit of a paper person I guess, liking the feel of it, the look of it, the sound of it....

. Ames Newton has this image in one of her facebook folders....it reminds me of the film 'jour de fete' by Jacques Tati - the original b&w print was hand coloured just in one or two places - one being on the flags in the square....there's something about the colour of the flags in the bleached out landscape that has a similar impact somehow....

. by Lola Mirti

. by Becca o' blease


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