. this morning I set off back home to east yorkshire but decided to avoid the motorways & go instead through some of west yorkshire great countryside....my route took me first to Saltaire, where I found the Saltaire bookshop & picked up some great books - which will of course pop up soon on the leaf explorers blog :)....from there I went via Otley, Pool, Harwood, Wetherby, Boston Spa, Tadcaster, Selby, Howden & then back along the A roads home....at various points in the journey whole fields had been patterned with rows & stitches of sugar beats amongst the grey-yellow foam of sheep grazing on them....the rain had turned the fields to mud & covered the hedges with drops all gathering towards their fall....my camera ran out of battery at Redinka's birthday party yesterday so no photo's of this journey i'm afraid....& now the battery is charging so I shall post some photo's of book illustrations tomorrow ! in the meantime above are a couple of pictures from the last couple of weeks....

. last night I performed at a nice living room concert event at my friends house in manningham - also performing where those very pals: Chris & Stephanie Hladowski (The Family Elan), Seth Bennett & some pals of theirs. It was a really nice evening....my quiet set had some vocals too ! not by me though....by a small child sitting on the big sofa who said, at an appropriate moment, 'Mummy, whats that sound ?' hehe....tonight was the first time I had heard Family Elan with Steph singing, or for that matter the first time I had heard Steph singing at all....er....wow ! (I think that sums up my thoughts on that).


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