. Pheobe just said 'my hair smells like holiday' !

. me & Pheobe are listening to the recording of me & Hankil Ryu from Korea performing recently & when a certain sound started Pheobe said 'it sounds like a bunny rabbit flapping it's ears' - that is so great !

. Pheobe was reading the side of the box of kinder eggs we just bought, working out what suprises might be inside....when it came to the picture of a duck she said 'a ducklington' ! that is what she calls ducks these days....fantastic ! inside she got a strange jumping frog type thing & made this short sequence of photo's of it....I got a hedgehog that has big hands to grip onto things with....oh & we scoffed a couple of sweets....

Alice says: Mabel's quote of the day "food tastes nice if you put mooosic on mummy"


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