. some moments from the last couple of days:

. sitting in my car in a park in sheffield eating grapes & a cream bun I bought, the rain falling & my small recorder sat on the back seat capturing the sound as the drops fell onto the car from the clouds & gathered to a great mass, from the tree overhead....

. getting slightly lost in sheffield looking for an address & stumbling across a really nice cafe / bookshop that also has an upstairs music room for intimate concerts....run by a young couple, one of whom - Sally - was working when I arrived....I bought 3 books:

Irina Ratushinskaya - 'pencil letter' (poetry)

C.R. Tunnicliffe - 'bird portraiture'
The concise guide in colour - 'Bird's eggs & nests'

(the latter two of which have some lovely illustrations in that great colour printing that somehow is more charming than many modern methods)

. talking of books, I love them....& so a book club & another blog (yes, another one) to celebrate our books, the ones we find in charity shops or in boxes stored in attics....to share illustrations from books long out of print....to suggest writers we admire....to share thoughts & feelings & discoveries....http://theleafexplorers.blogspot.com/

. making an online profile on a free webhost called carbonmade: click here

. talking with my good friend Cecile (colleen) & arranging to stay in Paris for awhile later in the spring....with Pheobe too of course !

. talking with my good friend Anastasia, currently in Prague & arranging to spend a few days there in April to see her art / film / music / sound event at Skolska 28 & perform a score I have created for her....

. grapes, bread, marmite cereal bars & chocolate biscuits !


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