. tonight me & Pheobe went to her parents evening at school & Pheobe got fantastic reports from every single teacher....so proud of her....

. Alice Beasley said: Found a bumble bee and lost her again..she's still here somewhere.. Found a giant milky bar in a pile of my letters and ate it. Found an invite on the doormat! ....then she tells of a conversation between herself & her beautiful daughter Mabel:

m: Mum?

a: yes?

m: did I wake up last night?

a: nope, why?

m: because I saw things behind my eyelids!?

a: did you? Like what did you see?

m: a naughty crocodile and a naughty elephant...

a: ah that'll be a dream!

m: nope. Not a dream.. They were both squeezed behind my eyelids.

a: She also told me I was poorly this morning, and asked me if I needed a 'cold compress' !!?? haha!


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