. this morning I am thinking a lot....so my word producing factory is on a tea break....photo's instead for now me thinks....oh & I think soon i'll post the story & the drawings from the lovely little childrens book I found the other day....the picture of the bird at the top of this blog is taken from it....

. i've been collecting images of food / snacks recently....those photo's we all sometimes take when we are on holiday, out for tea, at a friends house or when we ourselves have produced a rather nice looking meal....I like seeing these images because somehow I can almost feel the pleasure the person took in seeing the food & wanting to capture it....top to bottom / left to right:

colette alexander / marion legoff / colette alexander / denisa kera / gabriele beveridge / jennifer renaud / laure-anne cossu / erin cheng / erin cheng / maiji mustonen / lajla toullec

. oh & aren't all those peoples names nice to say to oneself ? each one a single line poem of both simplicity & mystery....what have these people seen, felt, experienced, heard ?....how will they grow & change ?....how far have they been ?....what is thier favourite word right now ?....how many pairs of gloves do they own ?....are they happy ?....names can be such fantastic things....

. two images from the film 'dodeskaden' by Kurosawa (fantastic soundtrack by Takemitsu)....I should point out that the film itself is quite harrowing but the two images above (as is the case with many more frames in the film) have a simple clarity to them that is pleasing to extract from the story....i'm not a fan of Kurosawa's samuri films, I prefer; high & low, ikiri, red beard....so, my tip for those who have only seen his more well known samuri films is do try to see some of his other work....there you will find the drama of life,but I still say Ozu is the master of Japanese cinema :. )


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