. today I have been feeling the poetry that is given to us at birth....names....how they can bring to ones mind thoughts of loved ones & of fabric, warm powder, fleeting touches, shoulders & eyes a-blaze with hopes & dreams & thoughts of anothers name;

maureen jeremy pheobe

french elizabeth

carol julia isaline jennifer

anastasia arianne keliane maelle

aline lisa anna elena

katie rowan lucie florine

....& yes, gisele although I have to try to fade it from my mind & heart; sometimes, when the day got on top of me I would just type that name & look at the way the letters formed the sound but....
still joy will poke it's head above the snow & the soil & sometime perhaps it will stay & grow & be returned to me by a lighter soul, one with more gentle arms & a deeper sense of passion for life & for holding love with more tenderness, more empathy & more determination to give, to give with happiness, with joy....

. left to right, top to bottom;

gayle brogan / gillian grant / unknown / carol diaz / maija mustonen / maija mustonen / gillian grant / maija mustonen

. today my friend Elena sent these words to me (thank you Elena): i must tell you.. last weekend i went to a monastery that i usually go, and it was great weather.. i had such a nice sensation.. like everything around me was singing.. i guess, thanks to you, i became more apreciative over the sounds that sorounds me and i didnt hear them often.. thank you Jez!.. so.. there is a holy spring- such a nice sound.. i even recorded it with my phone.. sadly..not such a nice sound with the phone.. but at least i can remember the feeling i had..the pins of the pine trees, when the wind comes across.. oo.. such a beautiful music.. i guess i really didnt hear until then the sound of them..it was a beautiful day..


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