. my day: given a cello by my lovely friend Cecile (Colleen) !, a nice message from Clare offering support & understanding & a similar nice message from Paul H offering the same - oh & a happy response to my message to Alice on facebook too :. )

. I twittered 'find the smallest thing you can see in the place you are now - look at it closely - tweet the details' & Alice Beasley said: 'the smallest closest thing... a worn out Endyke Tyre Mart receipt. For £88.50. Declined. Slightly worn out'

. on the subject of Alice Beasley, I would like to state for the record that she is a women who knows where treasures are & has a billion of them inside her too !

. a few photos from: (top to bottom): Lucie Malbequi / Laura di Francesco / Helene Favre / Elena Dinu

. Victoria Homewood said: 'got pen all on my face'


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