. the films of Yasujiro Ozu....I think of watching one again & it's a pleasant thought....sometimes I think about it for ages & then realise i'm too tired to actually do it ! but the thought of it was enough perhaps....now that is what a truely great film experience does for one....I love the music too, in fact I like soundtracks a great deal....here's a link to a download of a selection of tracks from the films of Ozu....I hope you enjoy them: click here

. today I had a meeting in town & saw this lemon in a discarded drink....out came the camera & out came the comments from the other folks at the meeting ! well, at least it made them smile I guess - hehe.
. tonight I transfered the recording I made yesterday for Alice of her daughter Mabel sleeping....it is fantastic....there's one bit where she talks in her sleep....it's hard to make out the words but 'dress' & 'look' where in there i'm sure....


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