. memories of holidays in Brittany / Normandy France with my mum, Pheobe & those other special people flooding my mind right now....made an mp3mixtape of tradition based musics from Brittany, France & Corsica for some pals & so for anyone reading this who would like thier ears to go on a musical journey there too, click here ....above are two images taken the last time me & Pheobe were on holiday in France....we stayed in this nice apartment with it's own kitchen that was actually outside in the garden in a little house of it's own ! It was a really nice last minute holiday, full of crepes & Normandy Chicken & a swimming pool with a huge sphere powered wave pool & one of those tree-adventure places which was great, in parts ! Pheobe of course was fine all the way round....I fell off in the first 4 metres of the first rope & also came down hard onto my back on one of the zip-wires - ouch !....still, on the last, very wobbly & terrifying rope walk Pheobe helped me across - hehe....

. also a memory was brought out of the files by Carol....a memory of a bag of potatoes hurtling through the air, dispatched by her fair hands, towards an oik who dared to shout at me....hehe....thanks Carol !


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