. where did today actually go ? it's quite odd but I can't remember what I did this afternoon - ha ! oh, I went to the post office to send out some parcels (gripping stuff this isn't it ?)....collected Pheobe from School, made tea & timed her as she went through the french homework she had to learn....now, my french is minimal (I learnt 'je regret je ne parle par francais' & that seemed to go down quite well) but the story seemed to be about watching a 'cool' series on TV & phoning her friends, meeting them in the village & buying bonbons !

. after tea & more homework we went to my friend Alice Beasley's exhibition opening....we did the usual thing - had a free drink of orange juice, ate the free crisps & nuts....oh & looked at the pictures of course - hehe....we also took a few pics, two of which are here above.

. shared with my by my new friend Elena Dinu

. Tara Pattenden-Fail

. by Marion Legoff

. by Laura di Francesco

. by Keiko Uenishi
. by Florice Nikita Garcin

. by Ingrid Babin

. by Emilie Lebel

. by Clare Circuit

. by Annabelle Dunbar-Whittaker


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