. Pheobe had hiccups tonight & they were loud....there is something extremely funny about being caught between not being able to stop laughing & the next hiccup. On the way to her wednesday running club we talked about nice words again & decided that fluffy, kerfuffle, blob & blobby were all good ones....above are two of the pictures we took on our holiday in Venice....

. earlier in the day I spent some of the afternoon making silly onion pictures for She Onion's facebook page (whoever she is)....

. ah, due to new friends & old I have a veritable plethorar of new drawings & photographs to look at & to share here of course....i'll post a few each day....above we have (from top to bottom):
. Natalia Borissova
. Molly Palmer
. Heide Browne
. Elena Dinu


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