. so, I think those of you who have been looking at this blog for a while now will have noticed the increase in other peoples photos, as mentioned yesterday, well the thing is i've been unwell & so, laying on the sofa day in & day out my exploration of tiny details has been put to the test ! I have found all sorts of ceiling shapes & also spotted some interesting shadows on the living room wall in the early morning....today I took some photo's of my face - in a moment of daftness & have come up with the best photo of me so far (well, I think it makes a good publicity shot anyway)....it's up there, at the top - hehe....
. my very good friend Alice Beasley sent me this message just now....i'd sent her daughter Mabel a picture of a tiny rabbit with a thought bubble asking if Mabel has had a nice day & Alice said:
'I think she did....she was at my mum's cutting out snowflakes from sugar paper and layering them up on top of each other to make patterns. She made home made glue with flour and water too. She's made four all in all, and has been pretending they are cakes in her shop. When I picked her up tonight mum and dad were in the garden with her and she was using a broom as a hobby horse, so we all ended up having a race about'

. a day for photo's & drawings of creatures ! these all came via good old facebook again - it's kept me company while I've been confined to the settee....
. first there are these two fantastic drawings by young Elka....a dog (sausage by the looks of it) & a cat ? I think....
. then, in the multi-image frame....from left to right & from the top:

. by Laura Di Francesco (link to her work in the link list)

. by Kate McCarthy

. by Meyoko (link to her work in the link list)

. by Elena Dinu

(2nd row):

. by Jonanna Wedin

. by my bees garden

. from Sofia (Brazil) - she couldn't remember where this image came from though :. ) (link to her blog in the link list)

(bottom row):

. all these images came from various blogs whose names are forgotten - sorry !


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