. so, firstly thanks to all the people who send me nice messages about this blog, I'm happy that it brings others pleasure....I have spent time today listening to music (as always) - to me, music is the sap in the very branches of our creative life and the extra element in the air that can make us giddy at times and comforted at others....today I have taken in:
Joanna Newsom - 'have one on me' 3cd set - a belter of a set.
Erika Pipkin - 'slow movement' & 'poly pathet' - stunned by these sent to me by a new pal.
Cecilia McDowall - 'stabat mater' cd
v/a -'misterioso - works by Silvestrov, Part & Ustvolskaya' cd
....above you will find two pictures I took today.

. I have also explored the photographs of friends on facebook & have discovered many amazing images....here are some more, beginning however with one not from facebook, but from my friend Natalia Borissova....

. Natalia Borissova

. Franck Juery
. Keiko Uenishi

. Molly Palmer

. Ingrid Babin

. Ieva Sliazaite


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