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. April arrives tomorrow - my birthday month. Now, I know I shouldn't complain but I shall be out of the UK on my actual birthday & I have to admit that I shall miss opening my card from Pheobe....then again it will be something to look forward to when I get back a few days later....

. I went past a well known household store the other day & bought these trainer cups ! I couldn't resist them & i'm sure i'll find someone who can use them....

. some more photo's that have caught my eye amongst mainly facebook pal's to bottom: luna-maria cedron / laure-anne cossu / isaline ariele maire / claire griffiths
. so far this morning has been boggle-eyed computer working....still, it gives me a chance to take a break & post a couple of photo's for now. On my journey home yesterday I stopped at a nice little bakery & bought a chocolate ecliar. It had this wrapper on top of it....

. a sample photo of the books I bought on my journey home too....for more about the books please take a peek here
. this morning I set off back home to east yorkshire but decided to avoid the motorways & go instead through some of west yorkshire great route took me first to Saltaire, where I found the Saltaire bookshop & picked up some great books - which will of course pop up soon on the leaf explorers blog :)....from there I went via Otley, Pool, Harwood, Wetherby, Boston Spa, Tadcaster, Selby, Howden & then back along the A roads various points in the journey whole fields had been patterned with rows & stitches of sugar beats amongst the grey-yellow foam of sheep grazing on them....the rain had turned the fields to mud & covered the hedges with drops all gathering towards their camera ran out of battery at Redinka's birthday party yesterday so no photo's of this journey i'm afraid....& now the battery is charging so I shall post some photo's of book illustrations tomorrow ! in the meantime above are a couple of pic…
. Pheobe has been planning her easter party & making easter hats today :. )

. I took a slow drive over the tops to Haworth & on to Hebden bridge to meet up (for the first time) with Isolde & Redinka - it was Redinka's 6th birthday party & I had been kindly invited....Over the last few months since me & Isolde connected online the whole experience has been a rather lovely thing in my life. I was met upon arrival by her sister & her mother....a few seconds later Isolde appeared with Redinka....I guess sometimes trying to use words to describe moments is harder than others.... Isolde is a beautiful women; powerful, funny, intelligent, caring, brave, instinctive, endearing, human, real....she put so much precious energy into the day....I take simple pleasure in knowing her....thanks Isolde ! . some images from saturday nights performance by 'matilde' - 5 artists (2 musicians / 3 dancers) improvising in revolving sections of playfullness, energy & sen…
. Pheobe just said 'my hair smells like holiday' !

. me & Pheobe are listening to the recording of me & Hankil Ryu from Korea performing recently & when a certain sound started Pheobe said 'it sounds like a bunny rabbit flapping it's ears' - that is so great !

. Pheobe was reading the side of the box of kinder eggs we just bought, working out what suprises might be inside....when it came to the picture of a duck she said 'a ducklington' ! that is what she calls ducks these days....fantastic ! inside she got a strange jumping frog type thing & made this short sequence of photo's of it....I got a hedgehog that has big hands to grip onto things with....oh & we scoffed a couple of sweets....

Alice says: Mabel's quote of the day "food tastes nice if you put mooosic on mummy"
. my day: given a cello by my lovely friend Cecile (Colleen) !, a nice message from Clare offering support & understanding & a similar nice message from Paul H offering the same - oh & a happy response to my message to Alice on facebook too :. )

. I twittered 'find the smallest thing you can see in the place you are now - look at it closely - tweet the details' & Alice Beasley said: 'the smallest closest thing... a worn out Endyke Tyre Mart receipt. For £88.50. Declined. Slightly worn out'

. on the subject of Alice Beasley, I would like to state for the record that she is a women who knows where treasures are & has a billion of them inside her too !

. a few photos from: (top to bottom): Lucie Malbequi / Laura di Francesco / Helene Favre / Elena Dinu

. Victoria Homewood said: 'got pen all on my face'
. some moments from the last couple of days:

. sitting in my car in a park in sheffield eating grapes & a cream bun I bought, the rain falling & my small recorder sat on the back seat capturing the sound as the drops fell onto the car from the clouds & gathered to a great mass, from the tree overhead..... getting slightly lost in sheffield looking for an address & stumbling across a really nice cafe / bookshop that also has an upstairs music room for intimate by a young couple, one of whom - Sally - was working when I arrived....I bought 3 books:

Irina Ratushinskaya - 'pencil letter' (poetry)

C.R. Tunnicliffe - 'bird portraiture' & The concise guide in colour - 'Bird's eggs & nests'
(the latter two of which have some lovely illustrations in that great colour printing that somehow is more charming than many modern methods)
. talking of books, I love them....& so a book club & another blog (yes, another one) to celebra…
. tonight me & Pheobe went to her parents evening at school & Pheobe got fantastic reports from every single proud of her....

. Alice Beasley said: Found a bumble bee and lost her again..she's still here somewhere.. Found a giant milky bar in a pile of my letters and ate it. Found an invite on the doormat! ....then she tells of a conversation between herself & her beautiful daughter Mabel:
m: Mum?
a: yes?
m: did I wake up last night?
a: nope, why?
m: because I saw things behind my eyelids!?
a: did you? Like what did you see?
m: a naughty crocodile and a naughty elephant...
a: ah that'll be a dream!
m: nope. Not a dream.. They were both squeezed behind my eyelids.
a: She also told me I was poorly this morning, and asked me if I needed a 'cold compress' !!?? haha!
. this morning I am thinking a my word producing factory is on a tea's instead for now me thinks....oh & I think soon i'll post the story & the drawings from the lovely little childrens book I found the other day....the picture of the bird at the top of this blog is taken from it....

. i've been collecting images of food / snacks recently....those photo's we all sometimes take when we are on holiday, out for tea, at a friends house or when we ourselves have produced a rather nice looking meal....I like seeing these images because somehow I can almost feel the pleasure the person took in seeing the food & wanting to capture to bottom / left to right:

colette alexander / marion legoff / colette alexander / denisa kera / gabriele beveridge / jennifer renaud / laure-anne cossu / erin cheng / erin cheng / maiji mustonen / lajla toullec. oh & aren't all those peoples names nice to say to oneself ? each one a single line po…
. with a bit of luck & determination I shall feel well enough soon to start work on some new compositions....i want to begin creating with the recordings I made during last years residencies....the 3 photo's above were taken during residencies in, from top to bottom: Austria, Belgium & Estonia / Latvia....

. Alice & Mabel made this on Filey beach....

. Katie Clark sent me a disc of her playing works by cage, pisaro & lucier....I have listened to it several times & am enjoying it a great deal....thanks Katie !....the photo above was taken by katie too....

. Patrick Farmer sent me this photo-montage to share here....

. i found these things on etsy - they made me smile....sugar cookie badges & littleittybitty hair toggles....
it forms, not quite surely perhapstension exists but playfullyunderneath there are agendasbut wrapped in is a warmth
undeniable magical for this to besomething to be done the choice, the material with whichour first poetry is placed with us
to walk with us and announce usa while before, then an opening door framecircled by light the open windowdrew a smooth arc from one to another
our name spoken softly first
and in our walking through allof the trees and hills and riverswe call it out like bells in our handsand look under leaves and stonesfind out a small book with whiter whitepagesopen, to the wind and the sun and ourfingers, stepping and listening to a circle, a line, a spaceand a new word, first spoken, first heardno one before has found itno one before has found ours
our names, our poetry we aregiven at birth
- march 2010
. today I have been feeling the poetry that is given to us at they can bring to ones mind thoughts of loved ones & of fabric, warm powder, fleeting touches, shoulders & eyes a-blaze with hopes & dreams & thoughts of anothers name;

maureen jeremy pheobe

french elizabeth

carol julia isaline jennifer

anastasia arianne keliane maelle

aline lisa anna elena

katie rowan lucie florine

....& yes, gisele although I have to try to fade it from my mind & heart; sometimes, when the day got on top of me I would just type that name & look at the way the letters formed the sound but.... still joy will poke it's head above the snow & the soil & sometime perhaps it will stay & grow & be returned to me by a lighter soul, one with more gentle arms & a deeper sense of passion for life & for holding love with more tenderness, more empathy & more determination to give, to give with happiness, with joy....

. left to right, top to botto…
. today Pheobe is running in a race in Manchester....I look forward to finding out all about it from her later....

. this afternoon i'll be grabbing another couple of Onigiri from the stall on Victoria station en route to catch my train above is a pictorial tribute to the humble rice ball / triangle....yum !

. some more images from online to bottom, left to right:

gayle brogan / gabriele beveridge / julia holter / yenting hsu / gillian grant / sofia (brazil) / mlle chat chat / gael segalen / emilie lebel / heidi brown / liv walker / lajla toullec
. Pheobe did very well in her drama test....well done beautiful Pheobe :. )

. two onigiri eaten (one seaweed & one plum flavour)....performance with Hankil, Daniel, Patrick & Paul last watching Som some more....mist & rain in shops....tempura udon soup....
. I’ve dived back into the poetry of e e cummings over the last few was his poem ‘somewhere, gladly beyond, that first inspired me to know more of his work....since then I have found him to be one of those writers whose work is the subject of endless academic study & joyless to not engage emotionally with this delicate and playful music....the experience of standing in a large, beautifully still place thinking & feeling is one that cannot be understood by study & so it is, I believe, with anything that touches ones self....I have no doubt that I sometimes miss what e e was talking about, perhaps sometimes I use his words to fit my own mood....but what I do believe is that in spirit I am taking from these works something that adds to my day....

Spring is like a perhaps hand
(which comes carefully
out of Nowhere) arranging
a window, into which people look (while
people stare
arranging and changing placing
carefully there a strange
thing and a known t…
. Pheobe sang in the car on the way back from her wednesday running club....later on, she rang me & played to me a tune she'd been writing on the piano. It was great ! ....the photo's above I took in the car when I was waiting for her after School....left to right: . totoro bag with acorn badge that Pheobe chose for me to put on it . jelly babies in thier bag . the yellow ice scrapper that my mum bought for me in a penguin covered plastic car kit
. fleeting....thats a word I thought of tonight - not in a negative way, more in terms of simply a word - a sound of letters arranged in a certain pattern (which reminds me of my liking for the poetry of e e cummings, which I always read as if it were a kind of music made of letters & words & spaces)....I like the word dusk too....then, a barn own flew across the dusk, a fleeting flash of white against the dark blue sky....outside her dance class Pheobe checked in the wing mirror of the car that she had tied back her hair in a nice wonderful to see these simple moments.... . yes is a pleasant country: if's wintry (my lovely) let's open the year . both is the very weather (not either) my treasure, when violets appear . love is a deeper season than reason; my sweet one (and april's where we're) . ....- e e cummings . . I have several books of e e cummings poetry, including the complete poems, however, in deciding to put the poem above in this post, I took fro…