. I picked Pheobe up from town as she had been on a cinema & look round the shops trip with two of her friends....we discovered these micro eggs - like the mini-eggs but tiny !....when I dropped her off at her house I got out of the car first & put on the central locking with Pheobe still in the car....she looked at me & then grabbed the steering wheel & pretended to drive the car - tilting from side to side as she turned the wheel & smiling a huge cheeky smile....fantastic !

, sometimes, at certain moments in the day, I feel it is a 'day of....' - perhaps a day of flowers or a day of sleep or a day of books or field recordings or....today is a day of flowers so far (12.09pm - afternoon)....I like the word & the time of day 'dusk'....
. above are some photos taken by my dear, dear friend Alice....a message conversation between myself & Alice Beasley regarding her daughter Mabel:

me: what did you & mabel have for breakfast today ?
Alice: erm. She had a bananna.

me: haha
Alice: I haven't had anything yet xx porrige I think :)
me: she is incredibly cute you know
Alice: hehe she is xx she had a lie in this morning! first time ever! I went to see her and she pulled the covers under her chin and told me she was happy just being in bed.


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