. the grand canal in venice

. abandoned mine in the czech republic
. I do like taking photo's of windows & glass....for me they are lenses or surfaces of fascination....so above are a couple of images of glass that has broken leaving a new view intact....

. two new images by my good friend Natalia Borissova, taken in the last day or so....


. last night & early this morning I had a good look at some of the photo's on some new facebook pals pages....I know lots of people are critical of sites like facebook but it is rather pleasing to be able to see peoples photographs this way - after all, they aren't 'art' hung on gallery walls, but simply images that people took & liked & wanted to share with thier friends....so, below are just a few nice finds....

. by Julia Holter
. by Hannah Elizabeth Bagshaw
. by Anita Sinclair

. by Carol Diaz


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