. Pheobe's feet on one of the bike (!) runs at Dalby Forest + a small ice slug on the same run :, )

. from Alice Beasley: 'Mabel just said 'Shall I take a photo of you with my eye?' I said 'okay!' Mabel: 'hang on. it's taking a while to load up..' :) '

....fantastic, totally & utterly fantastic ! this did also bring to my mind the things have changed....when I was a nipper when we took photo's with our eyes we would say 'hang on, I have to wind the film on' hehe !

. Esther Venrooy: 'Home made klepon! it is an indonesian dish, my great-grand mother "oma boejoet" used to make...'

. this is a great photo of my friend Jobina Tinnemans playing a vintage Arp 2500 synthesizer....


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