. I found this photograph (taken about three years ago now) while looking through some files transfered just in time from my old laptop....i'd forgotten about it, so it was something of a pleasant suprise....

. I like ground lights....they always suprise me & are like discoveies that people pass by without considering.

. last night me & Pheobe snook quiety up to Alice & Mabel's font door to pop the boxes containing their suprise badges through the letterbox....it was a tight squeeze indeed, but eventually they went through....this morning reports of smiles & stuff came;
Alice: Mabel liked the badge best of all. She was going to wear it at nursery to show her friends, but then decided to save it somewhere secret till she came home. She loved the box too. It fascinated her. x
me: hehehehe....I made them last night while Pheobe was doing her homework but also helping by pressing badge maker buttons & telling me where to put writing, berries etc & choosing the sweets. To be honest me & Pheobe both commented often on how good & life enhancing it is to make things (perhaps with a hint of 'this is of more use than the IT homework').that you both smiled, that we both smiled is a wonderful thing :. )

....oh for a life of making button badges & small boxes of things & no one to hurt, use or disrespect one....how much do you think it costs to buy an island ?

. and another nice find on Ana Albuixech's (a lovely name to speak by the way) facebook pofile....

. Mia Clarke has this photocard....she can't remember where she got it from....I like that, sometimes having things that we like so much & yet some aspect of thier aquisition is forgotten or only half remembered....it makes a small mystery in our stories


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