. me & Pheobe had a wonderful day out....first we went to dalby forest, cycled along paths & took some nice photo's like these above + we saw a crane ! it flew right past our windscreen....we also made a few grape trees of course....then we went on to Scarborough for tea & more photo's....we had lots of happy moments today....making silly voices up, hiccups, memories of elephants in the mist....ah....wonderful....

. Sofia (Brazil) has added a few more 2mp photo's (like these examples above) to her 2mp blog (click here)....tonight she told me: my brother and I bought one of those childrens swimming pools, its just getting hotter and hotter here. So we bought the swimming pool just to stay all day in the water. Its a small one, 1000L but at least we can make the best of this terrible heat so, i'm going to the swimming pool. we'll talk later.


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