. today I shall just post this picture....for now at least....


. Alice Beasley says: Nanna always sounded of cotton clothes. I really remember hearing the corduroy sound of her trousers one time, as she was walking up the stairs behind me. It was the same day our dog sneaked a cadbury's cream egg, in it's foil, from the arm of the settee, and snaffled it all up, and got all the foil stuck in her little dog teeth. (Dixie was her name, Dixieland Jazz). I LOVED that dog. She was unashamedly selfish. I loved that about her. Black and curly hair, a poodle crossed with a terrier. Mum rescued her when she was about nine months pregnant, Dixie was a pup abandoned outside Binns in town. She bounced like Tigger, and would run away to my Nanna's house on Victoria Ave because she'd feed her cream in a little bowl when she got there. She lived till she was abut 18. She'd climb the christmas tree to get at the bags of chocolate coins. Chocolate is very bad for dogs....

JrF: these memories are gold, more than gold....I remember my nana would always try to bring me a bag of prawns from this small fish shop in town when she came to visit. The shop is gone now, replaced by a car park....but I can still remember the taste of those prawns....

. my pal who wears smiley dresses & looks out for cheery tat, Pip Kidman, told me about this site: http://www.postcrossing.com/ - you can exchange post cards with people all over the world ! she said:
'I've just joined the group postcrossing.com..where you randomly send and receive postcards from around the world..think you'd like it so give it a look! I just got one from a lady in the Netherlands with the Dutch Queen and our Queen on..and one from Carlos in Portugal telling me about his village :-) '

Pip also took this picture of some 'nice' graffiti.


Sofia (brazil) says: speaking about treasure hiding.. I have this box, that I keep small things i've been collecting since i was a child.. like rocks, little toys, feathers ^^


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