. today was an odd day, one of those ones that seem to hang in a kind of limbo for the most part. The highlight was of course picking Pheobe up from school, eating tea with her & helping her with her art project. She's doing a bronze arts award & had to pick her 'art hero or heroine'....she chose me, which was very touching indeed, she is mine too - because the simplicity of happiness & exploration that shows when she is taking photographs or drawing inspires me a great deal. I have to say that for the 12 years she has made every day beautiful so far she has been a massive inspiration to my life in general & that has helped me create the music / sound & visual art I have over that time. The images above show a sheet of paper listing 'right & wrong choices when you are angry' that Pheobe made in school when she was very young - if only we all lived by these choices more ! I think this piece of paper is one of my most treasured material possessions. Some of the right choices it lists are (the spelling of a young Pheobe are essential as they bring a warmth to me everytime I read this):

time out
do a funy fase
talk to somewon
cuddle somewon
say sorry
do not talk

the other 2 images are Pheobe's photo's of the sweets I brough back from my trip to Brighton for us. They came from cybercandy, a shop selling sweets from around the world & include sweet potato flavour kitkat, grapeheads, strawberry pucca & an amazing thing from Japan which grows sweety grapes on a plastic tree !!!!


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