. still enjoying moving bits of furniture around & discovering all kinds of things as a result. This book, 'The Body' is supposed to have all kinds of images celebrating the human body. However while looking in a book shops clearance sale I came across the perferct copy - a misprint with totally blank white pages all the way through. I somehow feel that is the best way to attempt to say something about human nakedness.

. had fun in the early hours of this morning making a mixtape for the meet up & swap mix tape group a pal of mine has set up in hull (east yorkshire - UK). For this first one the 1st letters of the songs had to spell out m.i.x.t.a.p.e. followed by ones initials. The letter x seemed to have caused people problems but I chose 'xtabay' by Yma Sumac & a traditional chinese piece.


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