. I enjoy life so much (exploring music, book, objects, sounds, places & spaces in my home & outside) that I tend to not sleep until 2 or 3am these days & rise at 8am usually. In the early hours of this morning I wrote a small children’s story....it’s silly, simple & no doubt lacks ‘the critical perspective of a subjective view of the world from a human standpoint as related for a child’s mind to grasp’ or some other such twaddle....but I was simply playing, just doing something small & fun to send to Pheobe (perhaps to read to other smaller kids), to Isolde & Redinka & to share with any of you who have small children too. As usual with all photographs on this blog, click on the image to enlarge. I listened to Joanna Newsom as I wrote & searched for the pictures. Hmmm, I think I should remember to draw more myself....more ink pens with very thin nibs go on the shopping list !

. while searching the net for the hippo, the tree & the cat & kitten, I came across these knitted creatures above. I do like knitted things....I have an oddly shaped ‘thing’ from my friend Clare in Oxford. I remember I was there a couple of years ago on tour with my friend Cecile (Colleen) & Clare was telling us about how she kept trying really hard to make a nice knitted creature but somehow they always came out wrong. I asked her to show us & eventually she brought some out from their hiding place. Yes, they had limbs in the strangest places & eyes, ears & snouts at odd angles, but they were totally fantastic & well, Clare creatures....I took the chance & asked her to make me one & a few weeks later it arrived in the post :. ) I’m writing this on the journey to Brighton to give a performance & record with my friend Daniel Jones, but when I get back I will make sure to take a picture of the Claire creature & post it on here.

. I wish the UK rail network was more affordable to all. Of course it would be of benefit for more people to use trains in lots of ways, but one truly amazing thing about sitting on a train as it speeds through the English countryside is well, the English countryside....one gets to see places that one would probably never get to by making the journey by another method, or indeed, as many of the tracks run through trenches of private land, by exploring the same areas on foot. We are blessed in the UK by having scenery that is glorious in the sunshine (when we get it) but also that seems majestic on grey & foggy days. One can almost hear the sound of skylarks rising above the scarecrows.... oh, & it’s possible to eat a banana without that tricky peel whilst steering conundrum.

. having arrived in Brighton in good time I end up in small cafe just a few yards from the gallery. I don’t drink tea or coffee, in fact no warm drinks at all – except a nice hot chocolate (with cream, marshmallows & a flake of course) but what enticed me in was the display of flavoured meringues on offer. I plumped for a strawberry one....nice, especially the gooey bit in the middle (sorry Pheobe, I would have brought you one back but after 3 days down here & the journey back by two trains I imagine it would be just powder by the time I get home....still, that just means another meringue making afternoon at home is called for)....


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